Semi-underground System GeoTainer® Model GTC

... uniquely diverse

Salient Characteristics

  • Designed for everyone – low-level access the container stands in a galvanized ground basin
  • „„A clear view for all road-users
  • „„Relatively shallow installation depth, does not interfere with underground cables
  • „„Easy to install and inexpensive to move should the necessity arise
  • „„Neat appearance - the containers always stand exactly where they are supposed to
  • „„Sturdy steel sheet construction, welded or screwed together
  • I„ndividual construction on request
    GTC - individual construction
    GTC - individual construction


    1. Pick-up system for truck crane
    2. Collecting container

      • Collecting container made of steel sheet
      • 1 or 2 chambers
      • Basin-like trap doors
      • Glass: trap doors held and operated by high-strength chains, insulated against noise and connected to pick-up system
      • paper/household refuse: trap doors held and operated by traverse / leverage system which is connected to pick-up system

    3. Ground basin

      • Galvanized
      • 340 or 490 mm deep

    Technical details

    Technical Data

    GTC     GTC     GTC-D    
    Volume (approx. in m3) 2,7 3,0 3,0
    Dimensions (w x d x h) (approx. in mm) (not incl. pick-up) 1835 x 1535 x 1300 1835 x 1535 x 1450 1830 x 1530 x 1600
    Height visible section (approx. in mm) 990 990 1150
    Weight (approx. in kg) 320 345 420