Semi-underground System GeoTainer® Model GTV

... uniquely diverse

Salient Characteristics

The Model GTV is a similar construction to the Model GTU and works in exactly the same way. A galvanized collection container is placed in a concrete outer - part of which is below ground level.

The main difference is the shape: it's square - a refreshingly new appearance! The visible section of the concrete outer above ground level can be given a finish that blends in with the immediate surroundings - this can be a particular colour, wooden planking or perforated steel plate.


  1. Pick-up system for truck crane
  2. Collecting container

    • Collecting container made of galvanized steel sheet
    • 1, 2 or 3 chambers
    • Various throw-ins
    • Basin-like trap doors retain any remaining liquid
    • Glass: trap doors held and operated by high-strength chains, insulated against noise and connected to pick-up system
    • paper/household refuse: trap doors held and operated by traverse / leverage system which is connected to pick-up system

  3. Concrete outer

    • Reinforced, cast in one piece, watertight
    • Pump sump
    • Anchor straps on the side to facilitate transport

Emptying via trap doors

Technical information

Technical Data

GTV 3,0     GTV 4,0     GTV 5,0    
Volume (approx. in m3) 3.0 4.0 5.0
Height (not incl. pick-up) (approx. in mm) 2070 2550 3030
Height visible section 1370 1370 1370
Built-in dimensions (l x w x h) (approx. in mm) 1665 x 1665 x 700 1665 x 1665 x 1180 1665 x 1665 x 1660
Weight concrete outer (approx. in kg) 3290 4010 4700
Weight steel collecting container (approx. in kg) 460 510 560
Total weight (approx. in kg) 3750 4520 5260