Underground System GeoTainer® Model GTU

... uniquely diverse

Salient Characteristics

Consumers are more accepting of separate waste collection i.e. glass, paper, residual waste etc. than ever before. This readiness combined with the high demands made of modern urban development concepts means new requirements are also made of waste collection systems. They must be compatible with waste disposal habits and local conditions in order to avoid the negative effects we are only too familiar with – problems resulting from overflow, an obstructed view, litter or noise pollution and more frequent emptying.

The system behind the underground GTU range is particularly well-suited to meet these increased demands and everyone involved benefits from it.

Collection of Waste and Recycling Materials in Housing Complexes

It may not be a long way from the flat to the bins in the housing complex but it is often an arduous one. Putting out the rubbish on a regular basis can prove extremely difficult for senior citizens and the handicapped. In addition the conventional collection of household waste and recycling materials i.e. paper and light packaging also has several unpleasant side-effects: collection points take up a lot of space and are often an eyesore; unpleasant smells and vermin can cause problems; the bins are accessible to anyone and everyone; frequent emptying is costly and time-consuming.

Our Underground Systems – a great solution – clean, barrier-free and cost-effective.

... also for biodegradable waste!

Collection of Recycling Materials in the Town

High demands are made of municipal collection systems for glass and paper.

These systems must be economical because of the large quantities involved but there are also other important aspects such as appearance, cleanliness on location and environmental friendliness that need consideration.

Our Underground Systems meet these requirements and guarantee a clear view for all road-users.

Collection of Residual Waste at Rest and Recreation Areas

The expansion of the EU has led to an increase in the volume of motorway traffic and to the number of visitors frequenting motorway facilities i.e. parking and rest areas. Consequently high demands are made of the collection systems for litter disposed of by travellers on the motorway.

Our Underground System Model GTU - a great solution - clean and efficient.

Please refer to page 18 for information on an interesting alternative to the Model GTU - our Semi-Underground System Model GTE.

Large quantities of rubbish accumulate in parks and other recreation areas, particularly at the weekend. Our Underground System Model GTU is especially designed to accommodate a high volume and at the same time improve the appearance of the location.

Furthermore a high volume means less frequent emptying and that makes it easier to schedule routes.


  1. Pick-up system for truck crane
  2. Throw-in column
  3. Pavement plateau

    • Stud plate or rubber covering

  4. Collecting container

    • Collecting container made of sturdy steel, sheet construction, screwed together
    • 1, 2 or 3 chambers
    • Basin-like trap doors retain any remaining liquid
    • Glass: trap doors held and operated by high-strength chains, insulated against noise and connected to pick-up system
    • Paper/household refuse: trap doors held and operated by traverse / leverage system which is connected to pick-up system

  5. Safety plateau

    • Locked securely in place
    • Load capacity 200 kg

  6. Concrete outer

    • Reinforced, cast in one piece, watertight
    • Pump sump
    • Optional extra: buoyancy safeguard
    • Anchor straps on the side to facilitate transport; can also be fitted on top (optional extra)

Technical information

Throw-in columns

In addition to the standard columns available for various commodities i.e. glass, paper and household waste we also manufacture custom designed units.

Columns can be made of stainless steel and either polished or powder coated; galvanized steel sheet can also be powder coated.


Technical Data

GTU 2,0     GTU 3,0     GTU 4,0     GTU 5,0    
Volume (approx. m3) 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0
Height (not incl. pick-up) (approx. in mm) 2785 2785 3250 3600
Built-in dimensions (w x d x h) (approx. in mm) 1960 x 1960 x 1800 1960 x 1960 x 1800 1960 x 1960 x 2265 1960 x 1960 x 2615
Weight concrete outer (approx. in kg) 4100 4100 4850 5250
Weight safety platform (approx. in kg) 265 265 280 290
Weight steel collecting container (approx. in kg) 595 615 665 705
Total weight (approx. in kg) 4960 4980 5795 6245