Underground Systems

... uniquely diverse

Efficient and Accessible Collection of Waste and Recycling Materials – for Housing Complexes, in the Town, for Rest Areas and Recreational Facilities

  • Low-level throw-ins – easy access for children and the handicapped in wheel chairs and senior citizens
  • Ground level installation: no risk of stumbling, easily accessible in a wheelchair or using a walking aid
  • The column can be marked using Braille or bas relief for identification by the blind or visually impaired
  • Magnet holder on filling chute enables one-handed use
  • Non-flammable
  • Can be completely recycled
  • Under ground it’s cooler! More hygienic; no nasty smells or problems with vermin – even on hot summer days
  • Large collection volume up to 6 m³
  • Less space required, ideal for space available in recreation areas e.g. BBQ/picnic areas and playgrounds
  • OMO emptying by crane: labour-saving, cost-effective, effects of demographic change taken into consideration
  • People are far less likely to dirty collection areas that are kept clean
  • No obstruction to view
  • Basin-like trap doors retain any remaining liquid