Underground Parking für Waste Bins GeoTainer® Model GT

... uniquely diverse

Salient Characteristics

  • No trouble caused by nasty smells or vermin
  • Clean streets i.e. neat and tidy appearance
  • Makes it possible to choose the right location: easy access for everyone involved - for those who fill the bin and those who empty it
  • Level access and safe to walk on
  • Simple installation
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Protected from unauthorized use

Technical Information

The wheelie bins stand on an electrically driven platform that can be raised or lowered at the turn of a key.

The lid opens automatically as the platform is raised so it is easy to fill or empty the bins (GT-1/3/4). The platform is operated i.e. raised or lowered by a key switch; for safety reasons this must be located in the immediate vicinity of
the unit. The platform automatically comes to a halt once it has reached its final position.

It is not necessary to raise the platform to the final position in order to have access to the bin – it can be stopped at any height, making it ideal for children or the handicapped in wheelchairs. It is possible to operate the unit using a key that fits an existing master-key system.

Key-operated switch

Optional: column with switch

Optional: lid that can be driven on

An anti-skid surface coating is available. This finish makes sense if the GeoTainer® is embedded in a paved area - the colour of the coating can be chosen to match the surrounding paving.


Technical Details

Model Space required
(max. no. of)
240 or 1100 litres bins
Space required
(l x w) (in mm)
Built-in dimensions
(w x d x h) (in mm)
(in mm)
(in kg)
Connection Weight
(in kg)
GT-1 - / 1 1600 x 1290 1935 x 1700 x 1910 1500 500 400V/16A 850
GT-3 3 / - 1900 x 870 2575 x 1120 x 1500 1100 350 400V/16A 570
GT-4 4 / - 2500 x 870 3150 x 1120 x 1500 1100 350 400V/16A 800

Underground Parking GeoTainer® Models GT- / GTB-1100

Wheelie bins should be easily accessible and not seen. Until now, it has been difficult to avoid this contrariety. However, the GeoTainer® Model GT is based on a convincing approach: the wheelie bins stand exactly where they are most needed, but they are located underground and cannot be seen.

There is no need to raise the wheeled bin to ground level except when it needs emptying. Any rubbish bags deposited in the column drop directly into the 1100 litre standard wheeled bin positioned below. The electrically driven platform can be raised or lowered back into the ground by using the key switch.


Technical Information GT- / GTB-1100

Throw-in columns

There is no need to raise the GT or GTB-1100 except when it needs emptying - any refuse deposited in the column automatically drops down into the bin. The key switch
is turned in the appropriate direction to lower the bin back into the ground.

The downward movement is interrupted when the break-circuit point is reached. This is a safety feature that automatically halts the platform 12 cm above the final base position. The key switch must be turned anew in order to continue lowering the bin
and during this last phase an acoustic alarm can be heard.

Model GT-1100


Container made of galvanized steel sheet, welding, oil- and watertight, with an integrated safety platform


Model GTB-1100

Reinforced concrete outer cast in one piece, watertight with an integrated safety platform



Column with switch


    Technical Details

    Model Execution Built-in dimensions
    (w x d x h)
    (approx. in mm)
    Space required
    (in mm)
    (in kg)
    (in kg)
    GT-1100 steel container 1940 x 1700 x 1910 1000 1600 x 1290 1500 500 400V/16A 870
    GTB-1100 concrete basin 1960 x 1960 x 2600 1000 1600 x 1290 1500 500 400V/16A 6070